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Rick Skogsberg is a Vermont artist with no formal training, an MFA in poetry, and a history of patchwork jobs from software developer to dishwasher, project manager to deep woods logger. Living on a commune in the Vermont woods for nearly 30 years, Rick journeyed deep into the psyche and returned with a collection of thematic momentos--namely his thousands of poems, paintings and drawing on every surface and object his life has touched.

With an unstoppable drive to make art, Rick found inspiration in underground comix, rock posters, album covers, and the lives of the strange people that surrounded him, seeing there unlimited potential for his layered abstract work. His painting, drawing and assemblage found a particularly suitable home when he began in 2015 to paint shoes. 

Rick's work has been a fantastic elaboration on word play, mark making, and cultural critique that taps into the contemporary zeitgeist. His shoes make wearable pastiche of contemporary culture, emerging with boldness and defiance like a sexy kick in the face to the forces that would dare to hold us down. 

Rick is represented by the BigTown Gallery in Rochester, Vermont. 

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